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Become a pirate, conquer the seas and hoist the Jolly Roger!
Seafight is your #1 real-time fantasy adventure: It's time to set sail for a captivating adventure, compete in grueling battles at sea and satisfy your undying desire for freedom, fame and wealth.
Play and compete against thousands of real-life opponents to experience high seas action and adventure Anchors aweigh, make waves on the Seven Seas and become the most feared pirate ever!
Seafight – the highlight of all online pirate games
Come on board your ship, pirate, and let yourself be swept away by the ocean's beautiful blue horizon. But don't be fooled by the idyllic scenery - a cutthroat life awaits you in Seafight, complete with all the pirate trimmings. Capture other ships and steal valuable booty from your enemies! Beat vicious and dangerous scoundrels, and remember to stay on guard: Danger lurks all around you. There are giant sea monsters lurking in these treacherous waters. But experience and sound strategy will keep you on course, if you can interpret the symbols correctly. Your ship is your sanctuary, your empire, your fortress. Turn it into a stronghold and defend it with all your might. After all, what's a pirate without his ship in this online game? A nobody, a good-for-nothing! If you want to earn respect, stock up your ship and teach your enemies the true meaning of fear! Only the most cunning pirates will be able to rule the Seven Seas. There aren't many online games like this one, and Seafight is the undisputed leader of the pack. Join a guild with your friends or fight alone to become the greatest pirate of all time. Hoist the Jolly Roger, fight against thousands of real pirates for glory, riches and limitless freedom - become the ruler of Seafight. Browser Games, Browsergames, Online Games, sink ships, Game Online, Onlinegames, Onlinegame, strategy game, Online Fantasy Game, MMORPG Online